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About us

Say hello to Darling Clementine!

We are an independent label based in Cologne, Germany.
Our DNA is contemporary premium jewelry.
We use high quality materials like silver, gold, freshwater pearls, silk, gemstones.

We don't think in drawers we think in moods.
What is your mood today?
Express yourself and mix our darlings how you love it without limits–
be a matchless version of yourself.

Tines (CEO and founder) journey for decades as a designer for interior and jewelry has led her to her own label where she can bundle her creativity and live her unique aspiration of design and aesthetic.

We invite you to get in contact with us
* if you have any questions
* if you just want to say hello
* if you want to have a customized version of a darling
* if you lost or damaged a piece of your darling-we offer you to have a look at it and see if we can repair it or send you the missing piece.

See you soon!

Your Darling Clementine